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As a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, I graduated top of my class at The Clinical Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy, blending extensive education with hands-on clinical practice. I’ve been in the trenches, understanding and navigating the challenges you face.

Having walked a similar path, I relate to your stories and am passionately committed to your healing journey. This sanctuary is where my expertise meets your unique experiences. Specializing in supporting women through peri and menopause, I address chronic anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, limiting beliefs and so much more using the powerful tool of clinical hypnotherapy.

Voluptate Magna Esse Dictu

"Imperdiet eget odio augue. Totam repellat, scelerisque autem dicta, mollit, habitasse hymenaeos"
James LeBlanc, CEO of IND


Tailored for women navigating life’s changes, I use clinical hypnotherapy to address specific concerns such as hormonal shifts, chronic anxiety, and sexual dysfunction. This session fosters resilience, paving the way for lasting positive change and an empowered journey through this transformative phase


Embark on a profound journey to confront chronic anxiety. Clinical hypnotherapy unravels the roots of anxiety, nurturing resilience and facilitating enduring positive change. Customized to your unique experiences, it’s a pivotal step towards a calmer, more empowered life.


This session is dedicated to understanding and overcoming the challenges of depression. Using clinical hypnotherapy, we explore the underlying factors contributing to depressive feelings. Together, we cultivate resilience, paving the way for lasting positive change and a renewed sense of joy.

Sexual Dysfunction

The focus is on fostering a healthy and fulfilling intimate life by creating a safe space to address and overcome challenges of sexual dysfunction. Through clinical hypnotherapy, we work towards transforming your relationship with intimacy and enhancing overall well-being.


Navigate the unique challenges of ADHD symptoms with this targeted session. Tailored for those experiencing the distinct impact of ADHD, we use clinical hypnotherapy to manage symptoms, regain control, and foster a renewed sense of focus and well-being.

Limiting Beliefs & Intrusive Thoughts

Designed for individuals dealing with intrusive thoughts, this session utilizes clinical hypnotherapy to explore effective strategies. Together, we manage and redirect intrusive thoughts, empowering you to regain control and cultivate a renewed sense of mental well-being.

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